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Price: US $ 1100

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Metal Statues of various deities as per Buddhism and Hinduism, hand made by Lost Wax Process Full Gold Platting Double Lotus Base 12 height.

Metal Statues

Price: US $ 300

SKU/Item Number: vit65

Our Traditional Artisans carve various wood in different shapes and sizes making several decorative objects as well as Statues.

Text Box: Wood Carved Statues and Decorative Objects

Price: US $ 35

SKU/Item Number: vit91

In Nepal and Tibet various dances are performed by people in trans putting on these ritual masks. Some masks are monkeys, animals etc. by tribal carvers.

Wooden Masks

Price: US $ 55

SKU/Item Number: vit108

Text Box: 100 Percent Hand Woven Pashmina Shawl size 36x80 in solid colors.

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Price: US $ 900

SKU/Item Number: vit119

Alloy Singing Bowl of various sizes and various thickness are available with the wooden

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We have various Silver Jewelry Items both Modern and Traditional Designs.

Silver Jewelry

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